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Werk Fitness  Kids Boxing

Building Future Champions, One Punch at, a Time

Our Werk Fitness Kids Boxing  Kids program is designed to build, confidence, improve, fitness and instill discipline in a fun and safe enviroment. Perfect for kids age 8-14 for our young group and 15 and up for our young adult group.

Meet Our Dedicated Kids Coaches

Coach Kika:

As our master coach, Coach Kika brings unparalleled expertise and passion to Werk Fitness. With over a decade of experience in professional boxing and fitness training, she is dedicated to creating a safe, exciting, and impactful learning environment for our young athletes. Her unique, engaging approach ensures every child feels welcomed, motivated, and ready to reach their full potential.

Coach Mike:

A current pro boxer with a love for fitness, Coach Mike combines technical skills with a knack for connecting with young learners. He's committed to fostering discipline, respect, and self-confidence in each of his students. His dynamic, energetic classes keep the kids excited and eager to learn more.

Coach Mel


Coach Mel is dedicated to enhancing footwork, agility, and speed in our young athletes. His expert training programs seamlessly integrate the principles of boxing with dynamic strength and conditioning exercises. Mel's primary focus is on helping each child improve their physical prowess, ensuring they are quicker, more coordinated, and better balanced both in and out of the boxing ring. His commitment to developing physically resilient athletes forms a vital part of our Kids program.

Key Benefits of Our Kids Program

1. Physical Fitness: Boxing is a full-body workout that engages the whole body, increasing strength, agility, and endurance. Our Kids program helps children stay fit and promotes a healthy lifestyle from a young age


2. Confidence Building:  Our program encourages kids to step out of their comfort zone, enabling them to gain confidence. As they learn new skills and witness their own progress, their self-esteem will naturally grow.

3. Discipline & Focus: Boxing requires a high degree of concentration and self-control. Through consistent training, children will develop a strong sense of discipline, which can transfer to other aspects of their lives, like academics and behavior at home.

4. Self-Defense Skills: While we always promote a non-violence policy, boxing equips kids with fundamental self-defense skills. This knowledge gives them confidence and ensures they're prepared to protect themselves if necessary.

5. Teamwork & Respect: Our boxing classes foster a sense of community and camaraderie among the kids. They learn to work in teams, respect their peers and coaches, and understand the value of fair play.

6. Stress Relief: Physical exercise is a great way for kids to release energy and reduce stress. Boxing can help children manage their emotions and maintain a positive attitude.

7. Fun & Exciting Environment: At Werk Fitness, we make sure learning is fun! We use engaging, game-like drills and activities to keep the kids excited and looking forward to every class

Join the  Kids program today, and give your child the opportunity to reap these benefits and more!

Class Schedule & Pricing

Our Werk Fitness Kids' Boxing program runs from Monday through Thursday each week. Classes start promptly at 5:30 PM and end at 6:30 PM, providing a full hour of engaging, fitness-boosting boxing training.


For just $65 per month, your child can participate in our comprehensive Werk Fitness Kids' Boxing program. This investment not only covers professional boxing instruction from our team of dedicated coaches but also includes a complete fitness regimen designed to improve agility, speed, and overall physical strength.

Experience the difference our specialized boxing program can make in your child's life - sign up today!

Please note: Monthly payment is due at the time of enrollment. Contact us directly for more information about discounts for multiple enrollments or sibling registrations.

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